Saturday, February 04, 2012

Musings of the 3 AM Brain

What if everyone in the world had either type 1 (or type 2,etc.) diabetes?

Would life, as we know it, be easier or harder? (since the theories for managing diabetes are almost as plentiful as the number of cases) Would the Type 1: Type 2 ratio matter...since they are different,& can be treated thus. If there were more type 1 cases, would people get more education:be better informed? (and inform others)

Would we be healthier-would we take matters into our own hands,implement exercise programs, various incentives, etc...or would the vast majority of us continue to ignore what should be done & eat ourselves into a state of morbid obesity? And would insurance companies be any better about covering the supplies needed to TREAT and prevent complications from occuring? And would Congress/etc. get serious about funding various entities to make a cure happen sometime in this lifetime? I mean, we'd all be just one big happy D-family...all of us would want that cure.

And would we finally get rid of this stupid "diabetes blame game" where if you have diabetes (any type) you must have eaten too much sugar or not have exercised enough or been dropped on your head as an infant...etc. Would we stop blaming the patient,& would people stop blaming themselves enough to work towards a state of health?

(In conclusion, I don't think more people getting diabetes is going to improve either the public perception of it/chances of a cure/or anything else. It's just going to cause more suffering. And some days,you just feel like a paper towel against the flood of stupidity,ignorance, etc...nothing you say is making much of a difference)


Colleen said...

3am - back in the old days...
We didn't have the internet, heck, we didn't have cable tv.
Love that you're thinking at 3am. I don't think I did that.

HVS said...

I have to have something to keep me
(most of the time,the baby is just as sleepy as I am!)

Mike Hoskins said...

Interesting thought - sounds like something that would come to my mind at 3 a.m., too. Not sure if I have an answer to settle on, and am pretty sure you're right in that it probably wouldn't do much.