Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Training

As the final hour before Spring Break would begin,slowly played itself out,the class could be observed in various positions of un-rapt attention,namely:

-biting fingernails

-scrolling on mobile phones

-contorting arm into trianges,from body

-taking notes(1 person)

-staring at their Dexcom and willing it to start going down after two consecutive boluses

-faceplant,into desk

-drinking Starbucks & faking interest

-twisting hair

At long last,we were free to go,after reviewing lung/slide anatomy & making sure we were clear on every T-Cell,B-Cell,and ph formula known to man.As deeply fascinating as it is,knowing all the screwups of the immune system(and how dka kills),there is a point where your brain just shuts down.Especially if it's 65 degrees & sunny outside.

Since it's Spring Break,I hope to get alot done.

1.Review and prepare for the test on the first Monday after spring break.(yeah,welcome back)

2.Step up my gym routine to every other day.(snazzy new pair of running shoes should help with that)

3.Clean.Organize.Cook influx of various freezer-friendly foods.

4. Basal test.Yes,it's been forever since I did one.Actually communicate with my DE,& TRY to get this a1c down.Testing doesn't do any good if you do the exact same thing the next day.

5.Clean up this blog a bit.Do a V-Log.

6.Family stuff,go down to visit my parents and brother.

That should keep me more then busy!(for the next 10 days)Hopefully,I'll stay motivated.The last few weeks,it's just seemed like every possible body system has fell apart on me.(I'm sure you know the feeling,steamroller blahs)

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