Saturday, March 06, 2010


(dedicated to everyone out there who has ever dealt with a failed infusion set/monsterously high bg in the middle of the night.)

By the light of a Ping's eery green glow
Pops a 380 plus(oh,so NOT-low)

Where do you go?
When your brain turns to mush
As your kidneys re-flush
No fluids enough
To feel rid of this stuff.

Tired and cranky,sad,mad,& forlorn
A number in flight..ah yes,it is soarin'
Last night's 96 is so quickly forgot
An infusion set dead,means it's time for a shot.

Somewhere over the rainbow...
Or down the Valley of the Shadow.
Fighting for life,trying to show
That tonight's DKA-vitation will end in NO.

Where do you go?
when diabetes,your foe
Springs a high,then a low
For a chunk (of) cookie dough.

These weapons,so crude
For a foe,oh so shrewd
New tools are real great
But will they come way too late?

Where do you go
To not wallow in woe
pick it back up,& show
d that you are the pro
and that one thing you know
that you'll get'll grow.

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Scott K. Johnson said...

I like this Heidi! :-)

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