Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Flea Market & A Type One

Friday night, I stuffed my car to the gills with stuff, as much as was humanly possible. The next morning, I checked my blood sugar(440,ugh) packed a breakfast/lunch/plenty of liquids and took off for the flea market.

It was still only about 5 am at that point,and it was incredibly black, save little blobs of light dancing along the flea market grounds. Whipped out my big flashlight and unloaded the stuff from my car, spread the tarp on the ground(no way to fit tables in a car) and arranged the stuff on the tarp.

While I was working, a guy comes up to me and asks how many of x do I have & wants to buy them all, $1 apiece, on the spot. I said no,hoping to get more then $1 for them.
And then everyone else started coming...it was like something out of the Twilight Zone. One guy wore a glow-in-the-dark skeleton sweatshirt. 5-7 of them would be crowded,with their miner hats/flashlights, all around the tarp, looking for treasures.(aka Gold/Silver) I am not sure why some people think they'll get great deals when it isn't even light out yet but a few of them bought batteries. It annoys me when they ask if I've got any gold or silver,I am not stupid enough to sell that at a flea market. If I had that to sell, I'd research the best way to get the maximum $$'s from it)
Then my flashlight died. And I'd just sold my last "C" pack of batteries.(predictably, so I went off the glow of the CGM)
The comptroller came by..and I gave away my profits(registration fee). In this state, you're only allowed to have 3 yard sales a year without a lisence.

Dawn finally came, and it was 3.5 hours of non-stop action. By 9,half of my stuff was gone & my blood sugar was down to 221.(FTR, holding one's bladder with a very high bg all morning is not possible,pit stop(s) are necessary. Neighbors kindly watched the stuff) Dexcom sensor had failed about 4 am, so that was of no help. Being a single exhibitor at a flea market, you have to be on your toes and have 10 sets of eyes to make sure no one walks off with your stuff. Priority #1, of course, was the cash box. I put that in the car.

By 1 pm, blood sugar was down to 201 so I bolused a unit, packed up, drove home, and promptly had a 67 after unloading/putting everything back. And that, is life with diabetes, you can't win. But it was fun..there weren't any nasty hagglers intent on getting everything you had for next-to-nothing. And I bought several things from the people next to me. There are some people who just totally rock, they come back 2-3 times and buy $40+ of stuff. (and that's a welcome change from the yard sale-ers who want everything to be free)
(I just wish that I had a trailer or a truck, so I could have brought everything I had to sell. I'll have to go back another Saturday)

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phonelady said...

Oh I know my aunt and uncle had a yard sale about 7 mos ago and my aunt said ppl would come by and offer you a dime for something marked a quater oh please people what is the difference . that makes me so mad cause stuff is priced low enough dont cut others throat . LOL !!! Im glad you were okay with that though . glad you had a good day .