Friday, May 24, 2013

The Friday Appy Hour: Savings

If you own an Apple Device, this post is for you. I do indeed love my IBabies(not as much as the human baby, but still, a lot). And I love to A. Shop and B. Save the following apps make my life just a bit easier in that regard.

#1 Cardstar. This app takes the numbers on your loyalty card(CVS, Office Depot, library, whatever) and converts it to barcode form. The days of forgetting your card or carrying around 50 cards stuffed in your wallet are over...this is the 21st century, people. You simply whip out your phone,they scan the barcode,& you are on your merry way. Its also not dependent on Internet or wifi so you could probably even put it on an I-touch. I love this app.

#2 Retail Me Not. Before you buy anything,check for store coupons in this app. Again,no need to remember real paper coupons & so nice & tidy.(extensive,too)

#3 Shopkick. Gives you "points" for walking into various stores, (Target, Best Buy,Old Navy,etc)& more points for scanning various products & for buying products/gas. (can link to credit/debit card)Points can be redeemed for gift cards,etc.If you're going there anyway, this is worth your while.

#4 Receipts. Snap a pic, save for future account spending record.

#5 Coupons/The Coupons App. Another place to get e-coupons for on-the-go.

#6 Slick Deals. (#1 deal site in the entire universe) Gives you a reference to what you are looking for,when you are out and about.

These are some of the apps that I's a pretty small,basic list.(searching:Coupons in the Apple Store will give you many more) Living Social & Groupon will also give you some good deals occasionally.(I draw the line at hydro colon way,no how) My phone gives me so much more then the ability to make calls/play music/post to FB/tweet/picture load to Instagram/bid on Ebay,etc...) it's literally a life manager. (iPhone: Life as CGM:Diabetes Management) Probably other smart phones have a similar money-saving apps..but I enjoy the huge the huge selection that Apple has.

Next week I'll share with you some of my favorite diabetes apps.


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