Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ten Years Pumping: A Pictorial Odyssey

On this date in history, my life changed, for the better.

(yes, it sounds cliche-ish, but its all true. I hated the imposed schedule of the 2-shot-a-day regimen. I was about 35 lbs overweight because all I ever did was feed the insulin.Pumping helped me to lose most of that.)

If I had to pick a favorite, well, I wouldn't. (they all have their good points, except perhaps that mid 80's Disetronic) But one thing I know, I don't think I'd ever go back to a Medtronic pump.(they & I had a major falling out,& I don't think much of their products.Your opinion may vary,& I respect that)I want to do a more detailed vlog about the differences.(when I have the time)

But today, is a day for cupcakes & ice cream, to celebrate the freedom that the pump brings.Diabetes is so much easier with a pump.


JaimieH said...

Happy Pumping Anniversary~!~! (Hugs)

Sara said...

Happy Pumpiversary! :)