Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day in the Life,Round 2

Woke up this morning
counted my toes
slipped on my glasses
lanced my finger
relanced my finger
sighed at the result
bolused a correction
trotted downstairs
devoured two waffles,sunny side brown
checked my email
tripped over the cats
drove to the airport
kissed my husband goodbye
got frisked by a TSA agent
felt the whoosh on the downside of the 3.0-3.5 hour bolus
popped two tabs
squished in an airplane seat
ate half a granola bar
arrived in a hot place
downed a big Mac
drank diet coke #2
rescued my luggage
waited on a shuttle
gave bad advice
arrived to a broken ac
went to a theme park
drank diet coke #3
skyrocketed 200+
ate a salad
drank diet coke #4
walked my legs off
corrected again
ate half a pizza
recounted fingers & toes
bolused madly
smelt the fresh goodness of smashed insulin
conked out
dreaming of a diabetes-less world
until A. I wake up high
or B. I wake up low.
more harm then good?
perhaps,but at least I gave it all I had,& therein lies the victory.

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