Monday, January 18, 2010

Little Grey Transmitter

Friday night,my Dexcom reading cut off, cold.(after about 5 minutes of ??? marks) I looked down at my site, and the tape was still there...undisturbed. It's like my transmitter jumped up out of skin and went AWOL. It was really strange,as I'd felt nothing being jerked out. I figured I'd look for it later.

5 AM, I get up and start turning the room upside down looking for it. An hour later, no transmitter. I knew I hadn't gone out of the room and it MUST be in the room, unless it fell in the toilet & if that were the case, I'd be royally screwed.($350 literally down the drain)Went back to bed.

9 AM, I got up again, and resumed my search. And found it.

Under a rug!

It's odd how emotionally dependent we can be, on technology.(that can fail on us anytime, anywhere. We really don't "need" this stuff to survive..and yet, we feel that we do.) And it can get lost.(I estimate I've lost every piece of D-related stuff I've owned at least twice) Few invoke any sort of panic though.(only the pump,or a piece of CGM gear) Losing a meter is no big deal(I have many), losing a receiver or transmitter is a huge, expensive, deal. It's kind of like (I imagine) losing a kid would be..first you panic, go a bit crazy, find the kid, and are mad/relieved/keyed up all over again.It's an emotional roller coaster.

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