Friday, November 27, 2009

A Tweet TurkeyDay

Thanksgiving, blood sugar wise, was not too bad. There was the rapid spike,followed by the drop.(all to be expected)

And then we went and watched "New Moon". Adrenaline kind of delayed the drop(yes, I had to bolus for the movie,and then I had to cut back on my basals most of the night to keep from tanking). If you've ever read the book Sweet Blood,(written by a type 1) it's pretty hard not to think of diabetic vampires while watching such a movie. (yes, I lick the blood off my finger after testing..though NOT in public,and my fingers are always clean first) But it was good to spend time with my Marine brother, who lives on the opposite side of the country.(while not the movie I would have chosen,sometimes you just gotta go with the flow)

Back on the wagon again today.(but will post about today, tomorrow...)

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