Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Today We are Two

We're celebrating our second wedding anniversary today. Whereas last year a "paper" card would have sufficed, now things have gotten a whole lot more expensive.(socks? finger blotter handkerchief? t-shirts?)
Just kidding...on the cost part of things. As long as he likes what I get him, nothing else matters.

I would do it again tomorrow..every year is an achievement, in this world of Brittney Spear type weddings and one-night stands. I want to be that 80-90'sh couple you see in the mall,after 50+ years together & still going strong.


tmana said...

IIRC, the "traditional" gift for 2nd Anniversary is paper. (1=wood, 2=paper?)... The list used to be printed on all the handout Hallmark calendars.

At any rate, happy anniversary!

Colleen said...

Happy 2nd Anniversary and I wish you many more years of happy marriage!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Happy anniversary Heidi!