Sunday, November 15, 2009

Techno X

Today,(or rather, yesterday) my long-suffering iphone went completely beserk and semi-died. No internet capabilities for 23 hours. It has done that before, but only for about 4-8 hours at a time.

So I called AT&T, getting the wrong dept. in who knows what section & didn't get anywhere there,after a very lengthy delay,and several dozen pointless questions, the person couldn't even find the right extension to transfer me to, and suggested I look off my bill. Very (un)helpful, AT&T. (I'd have thrown something at the wall,but the already defunct iphone was the only thing available & I didn't want to throw that)

Checked it again..and voila, it was working! Wow, maybe it was just a weird glitch.

For about ten minutes, which was enough time to look up the (wireless)phone number AT&T (on the internet) for the point of letting them know it was having issues. I then tried to check my email, & got error messages.(it had died, again)

AT&T went through a long testing phase, checking various things out & declared it wasn't a problem on their end.(no out-ages in my area having been recorded)

So I called them again, for the 3rd time. The next step, is to go to a AT&T corporate store and get another SIM card. If that doesn't fix it, it's an Apple problem.

I miss my Twittering..I am so addicted, and it's a very painful thing when you have to go cold turkey.

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