Saturday, November 07, 2009

Dear Abby: Take II

Dear Abby,
I have diabetes,and frequently,as I'm driving around I
will hit every red light in town.Every blinking one.Is it just me, or do these things plague other PWD as well? I mean, don't we have enough to deal with while driving without this? Can I get a free pass somewhere?


A Diabetic Driver

Dear Diabetic Driver,

It can get quite frustrating out there on the road,especially when you're either low,or high. If you do need to check your blood glucose, or bolus, or even hunt desperatly in your overstuffed purse for that last remaining juice box..that requires at least 20+ seconds of undivided attention to the task at hand. So I suggest making the most out of your red light stops,and do one of those things .Conversly, many complain that they'll have all green lights any time they really need to do one of those tasks. The most important thing,of course, is to never compromise your driving with another task.If you need to,pull over to do your D-business.

Stay Safe!


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Scott K. Johnson said...

Hehe! I love this!