Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lessons of the Lima Bean


"Hi,are you coming tomorrow night too?"

"Oh heck yes,it's like diabetes week-wouldn't miss it for the world!'

Fellow CWD'r and I exchange greetings,shooting the breeze before the pump meeting.The Speaker is running late anyway,so no one is doing anything anyway.

7:20 pm.I am by no means early,but I'm not late either..people come trinkling in behind me.The last person sits down beside me,& it immeadiently becomes apparent that they have ingested a foodstuff known for it's anti-attraction properties. We chat,and that suspician becomes confirmed.

Garlic-she's digging it.2 cloves every day,for immune boosting properties.Now she's a very nice
person, but even the nicest of people can be repelling if they are radiating it from every pore.There is such a thing as tablets,which would have the same healthy effects.

159 mg/dl,trending down.By now,it's becoming apparent that the speaker isn't coming,so it's just a regular pump meeting discussing H1N1,hospitals,sick day tips,etc.We get the handout (but not the speaker).

8:30 pm-69 mg/dl,Dexcom goes off.I go off to drain a juicebox, get back,meeting has ended.

Apparently Lima beans(which I had for supper) cancel out all the other ingested carbs(45 grams rice & chicken,2 units insulin) Dropped 80 points, to boot.Or the garlic immersion had weird bg lowering properties.

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Totally such a thing as too much garlic. Nice.