Friday, November 13, 2009

Beta Phases

Since April, Ebay has been testing the beta phase of their Ebay Bucks program. Basically, in each 90 day period, you earn 2% back on most of your purchases.(excluding Ebay Motors & real estate) And I was fortunate enough to be chosen..granted, 2% is not a huge deal of money but when you are such a hard-core Ebayer as I am every bit helps. ($200 max back per transaction, $500 max per quarter. Though you'd have to spend $25,000 to earn that much back, & not many people are THAT much of spendaholics.

The first quarter, due to several large purchases(airline tickets,etc.) I got about $23 back. The credit works as a add-on to your paypal payment, when you buy something on Ebay. Happily, I spent that..and then I had a problem with an Ebay Seller, who ripped me off big time.(on Disney tickets) Eventually, Paypal refunded my money but then Ebay didn't like the fact that I'd earned bucks off a transaction that got cancelled & they put me in the negative, buck wise.

Quarter #2's purchases went toward erasing that negative debt. UGH.

It's now quarter #3,and I'm back in the red. I still wish Ebay didn't punish you for being ripped off by a seller..something which happens more often then not. Ebay could really make me more of a loyal customer if it would A. up the percentage back rate and B.slash their horrendous selling fees. But its better then nothing, and I'll take it. There's really no alternative to Ebay, and for all the inconveniences, the amount you can save makes it worthwhile.(cost, and time wise)

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