Thursday, November 19, 2009


(Not that a device can
be one..but if it could,it would be)

Awakening to the blackness
in that state of semi-awareness
still figuring out what my body expects of me
until my cgm vibrates & alarms,

Automaticlly,I grab for my meter with one hand
with the other,glucose tabs on the standby
and confirm it to be true,63mg/dl,double arrows down.

Not a whisper of a symptom has presented itself.
Until that minute,when it buzzed off
forcing me to read & process,
spelling it out for me
that yes,I was low.

I treat, and go up.
Because of my cgm,
I will live to fight another day.

Tonight,the hundreds of times it has gone off on irrelevent tangents does not matter.
It has done it's job..& it is a lifesaver.

-- Posted from my iPhone


Cherise said...


Awesome poem! I never looked at the CGM that way. Beautiful!

Scott K. Johnson said...

I love this.