Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Our Turn Now

It's OUR TURN now. Call it the rebound effect, call it what you will,but Virginia has just elected it's first solidly Republican Top Three cast since 1993(at least) . That's 16 years ago..back then I was far more interested in beating up my(1.5 year) younger brother then I was who was running the country.I didn't start paying attention till 1997. I may not live in Virginia anymore, but to the people of NJ,NY, and VA; I'd just like to say Thanks.You still have this odd habit of choosing the opposite party to be in power nationally (it must be the economy, a job is a very powerful fear motivator) but when it comes to local issues at least you have your heads screwn on straight.As for MD,it will always vote Democrat...that's just the way it is.No one expects that to change.


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