Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Strike Three

Well I flunked a critical test.There is now no earthly way that I could get a B,and the C won't get me into nursing school.And there's only 1 month left,in the course.I am going to go cry into a pillow now,I am an abysmil failure at everything I do.

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Tricia said...

Don't give up without a fight Heidi. You rock! Love ya!! HUGS!!!

Colleen said...

Please go speak w/ the teacher/professor to see if there's something you can do.
I've been there/done that and the professor was willing to work with me when she saw that I wanted to change my grade. It's worth the try.

phonelady said...

heidi go back and talk with the teacher cause you might be able to take the test over . Please dont let this stop you . You will meet far worse in the nursing world believe me when I say that . God bless you .

type1emt said...

the prof is a real piece of work,he's the type to give you a B if your average is 89.99..I know I can get a C,but what good does a C do me if I have to take the durn course over again? I am not sure what to do at this point..I have 4 days to make a decision to drop or not.
Thanks for the support-I needed that bigtime.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Sorry to hear that H. Hope that you were able to work something out or settle on a course of action.