Thursday, March 09, 2006

What (Not) to do with One's Weekend

Our Rescue Squad Chief (also a cop), drove his vehicle smack into an apartment building (during a high speed chase). Injured himself and a person in the apartment. The person being chased, escaped and was caught later on. He's a nice guy- I hope he doesn't get fired! (from the force and as Chief)
I don't know all the details yet, so I don't know who was at fault. They're all in the hospital, with the apartment owner critical.

Behavorial Biofeedback

Today was gorgeous, mid 60's.

Went in for the 3rd study visit, it took about an hour. I confessed to losing the meter, she said it wasn't a huge deal since I'm a control subject. Control subjects can be hugely irresponsible, and nobody will care. (point of referance- Diabetes Complication and Control Trial) I mean, come on. They might not have known the differances would be SO dramatic, but they probably had an idea that the folks in strict control would turn out better then the folks without...
In research studies, I usually get stuck in the "control" group. This time was no exception, all I have to do for the next 4 months is test. (not use the PDA) The other group will make more money.. sigh.
The endocrinologist, meanwhile, was seated across the office, talking up a blue streak on the telephone. I was expecting acnownal of existance, (a "hello" would have been nice) but she didn't say anything(even after she got off the phone). Must have been having a bad day.
Filled out paperwork for the next hour. In a rare twist of irony, since I'm a control patient, I get twice as much paperwork to fill out!
Next, it was off for bloodwork.
When I finally showed up, the tech asked me what took so long!
It took:
-2 minutes to walk down the hall
-1 minute waiting on elevator
-1 minute down the elevator to the 2nd floor
-4 minute hike to the next elevator
- 1 minute wait, down to the first floor
-7 minute hike to Main Hospital
-3 minute(s) to get up to the 8th floor
-And 2 more minutes off wandering around trying to find the RIGHT section of the
research center(there are two sections, stuck admidst the NICU, obstetrics, and several
other impatient units)
Thats what took so long. Blood draw, out in 2 minutes. (just an a1c)
I'm now going to bask in the last sun-shiney hour of this glorious day.


Ellen said...

Hope the rescue squad chief is ok.

Did they replace the meter?

type1emt said...

No one's talking about it, so I don't know.
I have two meters, they said that was ok.