Friday, March 31, 2006

Walk the Line

Positive news on the glucose front- the "Streak" is over. Beautiful numbers. Life back to normal, in Diabetesville.
And then I woke up Thursday morning.
Apparently, last weekends' Eat-A-Thon had unforeseen effects. (beyond the instant lowering of my a1c, whooo hooo) This became immeadiedly apparent, during the mad rush to prepare for work.
None of my pants fit.
I briefly considered taking a "Fat Day", before remembering that my employment doesn't offer such benefits. In fact, if I tried it, I'd probably be forever immortilized in the Dumbest Excuse Ever Heard Hall of Fame, + get laughed at by security every time I walked through the door. Best not risk it.
Sucking it up, in, and under, I found the least offensive pair, selected an extra baggy sweater, packed my ultra healthy lunch, and waddled off to work.
Unfortuantly, the yogurt I'd packed for breakfast had gone spoiled, so I was "forced" to eat my back-up chocolate bar. I do much better if I eat something early in the morning, it doesn't have much to do with blood sugar levels. I just need that food in my stomach.
Lunch, was a Grilled Chicken Salad with a 85 blood sugar. Something finally going right...
At 2:30 pm, the floor manager held a meeting.
"Ok people, listen up. Everyone here?Are you SURE? We just got word that we've recieved another bomb threat (late last year we got one) and management has decided that we're going to let the authorities check this place out tonight. If they find anything, work is a no-go tomarrow. I want a complete update of everyone's phone numbers- let your supivisors know.
If you don't hear from us, work is still on. Now you're all adults- and capable of making your own decisions, I'm not going to tell you to not come tomarrow. You make that call. But if you don't, you'll be working Sat."
Suddenly, that morning's clothing woes seemed woefully insignificant.
Pandemonium ensued.
Last year, when we had the first bomb threat, they shut down for the weekend. 11 am, Friday morning they held the meeting- in five minutes, that place was emptier then the day before Christmas.
I made up my mind I'd come in today, if they didn't find anything. No way was I coming in Sat.
Approximently 1/2 my collegues didn't feel that way, however- the parking lot was pretty empty this morning! There was absolutely no problems, nothing blew up, and no trucks driving in. I was nervous, just like everyone else..but beyond that, the day was ok. I wore my medic alert today, if there was a problem, I needed the assurement of some sort of indentification on my body. Call it weird, but I needed it.(for peace of mind)
WEEKEND IN DC(Apple Blossom Festival)!!!!!!!!!!!:-) (maybe I'll find some shorts that fit..I need to do some serious exercising!)


caro said...

Fat Day: Love it!

On a more serious note, I'm glad the bomb threat turned out ok.

Enjoy your weekend!

Ellen said...

Just want to say TJMaxx/Marshalls is da bomb! I shop there a lot ;-).

julia said...

Oh man, if I could call in fat, I'd NEVER be at work. :D

Sandra Miller said...

Calling in fat... good one :-)

And hey, very glad the bomb threat was just that.

Anonymous said...

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