Thursday, March 16, 2006

More Freebies

According to the IP chat log, Cozmo users will be able to get a FREE case when they come out. You call their customer support line (1-800-826-9703 ) or register on their website.

The Cleo looks SO cool, but even if they were available, my insurance would probably not cover them. It's also the HOT new infusion set on the market, everyone is trying to get samples.

BC/BS has just informed me that they’re the wrong people to appeal too. (test strip coverage) Since the prescription benefits are entirely through Caremark, I’m supposed to appeal through them. I am confused, Caremark told me to appeal through BC/BS... I can tell that I'll be spending a lot of time on the telephone with this one.

I'm a stickler for Pepsi/Coke promos, it gives purpose to the $$'s I spend on their products.
On one of their former promos, (Every Ten Minutes-XBOX 360 giveaways) on of my codes "won." Only it wasn't MY code anymore, I'd given it to someone else because I figured I'd never win it. Then he told me, and I was like Augh! Why can't I ever win something like that?When he asked for codes for this promo, I asked him if he'd give me half (of the car value) should he win the car, he wasn't too enthralled with that suggestion. The conversation ended there.
I'm a sucker,but oh well- Diet Coke still rocks. (buying it is still worth it)


Scott K. Johnson said...

Insurance stuff sucks. Good luck getting it all figured out - and hopefully it won't take too much time.

I'm also a Diet Coke addict (officially). I wish I would have bought stock or something back in the day.

type1emt said...

Yeah, no kidding. Thanks.
When it gets too bad- its time to find another job..