Tuesday, March 14, 2006

March Mayhem

Some of my coworkers have begun to affectionately refer to me as "The Germ."
I have the flu. A nose tends to be in Status Elipticus the first few days of a cold/flu, I hope it will soon dry up.
Basics of Life:
Diet Coke
Bottle of Decongestant
Box of Tissues
Don't want no million bucks- all I want are my taste buds back! :-) (Saner BGs would also be nice)
Weird thing is, although its easier to get ketones with a fever, you don't get the same symptoms of being high. (or at least, I don't) The fever feels worse then the ketones.
I've only had ketones once, though. (testing regurally, just like every good little D should) This morning, I woke up 250, moderate ketones, and 100.2. Quickly got them down. I am trying to avoid going to the doc, I just hope it will blow over soon.

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