Saturday, March 04, 2006

100 Days (again)

I don't need more exercise- at least, not until the weather is 60+ degrees on a regular basis. Retail is pretty strenuous, (lugging 50 lb boxes around + whatnot) and I'm generally whooped by the end of the day.
But I think the 100 days thing going around the OC is a good thing.
So here's my resulution.
I'll be writing down all my blood sugar numbers for 100 days. The good, the bad, the not-so-great.
That should be enough to tax my mental(and physical) powers to their limit.
I think I'll get one of those Smart Checkbooks (from the Diabetes Mall) , they're small and compact.
Bought a box of Girl Scout Cookies yesterday, the "Caramel Delights." I don't often get them, the last time I had any was over a year ago.
133 carbs for the WHOLE box.
And one has to eat the whole box, you can't eat 1-2. They're just too good. It doesn't feel like you've just consumed 2x the usual amount of mealtime carbs and 980 calories.
I should get another box, lock it up, and use it for low days. They send up blood sugar in a hurry. I'm not used to bolusing for GS it was trial and error last night, but all GOOD.
It is cheaper just to buy them when you run into a friendly GS troup... on Ebay, when you figure in the s&h costs they're often $5+ a box.

It is getting cold again, expecting more snow tonight. I got some more cool ipod cases (that also doubles as pump cases), pumps deserve to be kept warm too.. They're called ipod
"Hoodies" and they're all the latest rage. (pump is in the black, ipods in the blue, and gray is the spare) Too cute to pass up!


Ellen said...

If you eat the whole box and you have a backup box, do you feel compelled to eat a second box? ;-0.

Love the hoodies...too cute!!

type1emt said...

Probably. Best not to keep two boxes around, its too tempting.

bethany said...

Where did you get those hoodies for your ipod??? I really really want one! <3

type1emt said...

Hey Bethany,
I got them at Old Navy..
(store, not online)

Anonymous said...

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