Friday, March 03, 2006


A Cure Poem

Di-a-beat-eez, my doc said with a drawl
I tried to be brave (but started to bawl)
To be joining those ranks, was not my intent
At that one little word- my whole world was rent.
From all of us folks (who have heard that word)
The following comes, in our quest to be cured.

C for commitment, our minds to inspire
U for uniting- joined hearts are on fire.
R for resources, we use towards the goal
E for the END- we all play a role.

I for the med we both love and hate (insulin)
T for the type- the genes hold our fate.

N for knowledge, ever growing in rate
O for the One Touch- checks early and late
W for when we can rewrite this slate!
(I can't sew...just to foreworn all unsuspecting clickers)


Ellen said...

YOu can't sew? YOU CAN PRINT AND IRON :-).. Nice try GF. Looking forward to your quilt arriving in Jeff's hands by May 10, 2006!

type1emt said...