Friday, March 17, 2006

Guardian RT

The coolness factor of my endo's office just hit an all time high.
It happened this-a-way. While at the research study (a week ago), I noticed a large Medtronic Box peeking out from under the endo's desk.
I took a seat, handed over my meter, and waited as the research coordinator downloaded it. The research coordinator, of course, had her eyes on her computer (and as previously mentioned, the endo was on the telephone.) I scooted closer to the endo's desk, and peeked in the box.
My jaw hit the floor, and I scooted back in shock.
Uhh uhh I need air.. Did I just see what I thought I saw?
The research coordinator asked me a question, and my mind returned to matters at hand.
Later, I thought about it.
Boxes marked Guardian RT- is that Guardian REAL TIME? The REAL DEAL? How in the Sam's Hill did they get that, this isn't one of the select cities or anything like that.
Now dying of curiousity, I called Medtronic. The nice rep told me she couldn't tell me when they'd be available to the common masses, so much more "support-education" systems are needed to be put into place. And she happened to mention how, people go to these cities to get docs to prescribe them.("By the way, the closest one to you is in FL.")
Big whoop. I'll be an old women by the time they come available.
"Whose your doc?"
I mention name,city, state.
"Oh, they're doing a trial of them. You might want to see if he can get you into it. Various docs offices are trialing them..."
Hmmm, trialing. Sounds intruiging. I'd love to play with an RT, even if I couldn't own the thing. Just to see how it works, IF it would work, for me.
I called the Diabetes Education Nurse, left a message. Its a nice, juicy rumor, and I'd like to see if its true.

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