Thursday, March 02, 2006

Early Friday

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(this isn't what I look like, its what I eat like!)
Some days my eating habits rival those of an adolescent on prednisone.
- Container yogurt
-peppermint, butterscotch, 2 rolls smarties
-a gallon water, (2)12 oz Diet Mt. Dews
- Hershey Whopper bar
- Large Hershey Peanut Butter Cup bar
- bag of cheetos
-Large order of Chicken strips, Fries(ketchup and honey mustard..)
All of this stuffed down my gullet prior to 2 pm.
Tonight's fare will be some type of cream bar, some source of protein.

Compliments of BGAT, I recognize my own quirky symptom of impending DKA. Last night, I had a mild asthma attack + crawled into bed to sleep it off.
11 pm. I'm dreaming about rotton fruit and in the dream, my heart's pounding. I wake up, still smelling rotton SOMETHING and my heart is still pounding.
This is not an impending insulin reaction- this is the other thing. When I go very high, my heart rate maxes out 130+.
I check the stove- I forgot to put the chicken noodle soup away + it stinks.YUCK.
I check the blood sugar. 496.
10 unit shot, 5 glasses water. Check infusion set. (disconnected) Mystery solved...
Reattach, crawl back into bed.
3 AM. Repeat above scenario, inject 5 u insulin. 270
6 AM. 130.
6:30 AM. Another asthma attack.
10 AM. Over the asthma, I commence to eating. That's when most of the above happened. (except the yogurt I had for breakfast)

I have tomarrow off- hopefully I'll get more (then eating) accomplished.

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