Monday, March 20, 2006

Don't Get behind Me at Checkout

Potential is: a quart sized plastic baggie with several hundred skeins of crossstitch floss enclosed.
Every single one of those little buggers had a upc, and needless to say-it took FOREVER to get them all scanned. And Add ten more minutes, for the grocery items in my cart.
I felt sorry for the gentleman behind me, having to wait so long. He didn't act like he minded, he was really sweet. (telling me how his wife used to do things of that nature) For him, it was a trip down memory lane. For me, it was embarressing. And for the cashier, it was a pain in the gluteus maximus.
I'm currently working on several major projects(and one minor one). The minor one is a cross-stitch ornament, which I fully expect to have finished in 9 months. The major ones I work at, whenever the urge hits me. One is an EMT cross stitch, one is a JDRF crossstitch, and the other one is on hire from a coworker. All three are slowwwww going. I have to be in the mood, (for precision) and I have to feel like stabbing a piece of cloth ad nauseum. But it is a great stress reducer, particuraly after a doctor appointment.
I think I finally have the problems ironed out with Caremark(RE: the test strip situation). Gotta get a new strip RX faxed over, and see what happens.


Sandra Miller said...

Hey there, wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog, and check out yours...

Very cool.

And while I would not want to stand behind you at the checkout, I'd love to see images of the finished projects!


p.s. I'm adding a link to your blog this morning.

caro said...

I love cross-stitch! I'm not a very patient person at times, but cross-stitch engenders patience in me, since the finished article takes so long to achieve. I also find it very relaxing.

Even so, I wouldn't have wanted to behind you in that queue! ;-)

NewsBlogger said...
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julia said...

Hey...turn on word verification and you'll be able to stop spammers like that one above me.

I'm a cross-stitch person, although I haven't worked on anything thing in ages. I keep saying I'm going to get back into it, but I think I'm fooling myself at this point in my life. :D I, too, would like to see your finished works. I love looking at other people's projects.

type1emt said...

Thanks for the tip,Julia.
(Still learning about blogging, obviously)
Perhaps I should do my supply shopping

business voodoo said...

>>For me, it was embarrassing<<
as i read your blog, i guess i just wondered why you should be embarrassed because a store decides to use an amazingly inefficient checkout system ... i hope you were embarrassed for the store and not for your creative needs and expression. besides, you made the man's day ... you should be very proud of yourself.
peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

Anonymous said...

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