Sunday, January 29, 2006

Let me see those...knees

While sorting through vast quantities of newspaper articles I've saved, I discovered a truly intruiging article, written by some doc (a D veteran himself for 50 years). He doesn't do fingersticks (on himself) anymore, as a physician, he thinks it provides ample oppertunites for blood borne infections(Aids, etc.) as well as blunting the finger nerves. (sensitive fingers are an important diagnostic tool, in medicine) So, he ran a series of 40 finger-knee-lab tests (Gold Standard) and the results were very close. By knee, I mean the center area right above the knee. According to him, less painful then a finger stick. I decided to test that theory out..
Ultrasmart- 186
Knee- 176
Ok, I don't have a lab, so I don't know how "accurate" this actually is. But I trust my meter (well, relatively), and this is pretty accurate in my book!
There are several drawbacks to this unusual method. First, you have to be in a place where you can drop your pants. (and not get arrested) Second, not everyone can get blood (just like arm testing, I guess). Third- you can't lick the blood off, so you have to carry spare tissues around! Arm testing never worked for me, couldn't get blood, and never was very accurate. Despite having the two strikes against me (According to the good doctor, since I'm fat, and I'm a women) my knees do yield adequate blood.. It is painful though! Certain fingers do need some recuperation time.
I may have a new motto.
"Oh, I don't EVER use my fingers, I prefer my knees."
Sure to raise some eyebrows at the endo's office.

Drumroll Puhleasee...
I've completed BGAT. Time to break out the champeigne. I got this nice little "Certificate of Completion" which really wasn't all that impressive. (All it basically said is, you've completed BGAT. I was expecting a bit more pizazz(name, date, etc.) It was a dissapointment.

So what have I learned? The "blood sugar" battle is never over. At the end, I had to set further goals, if 70% of one's blood sugars are "normal", 20% high( 180+), and 10% low, you are doing a very good job with the diabetes. Your symptoms will probably change with time, and you've got to be constantly OCD about it all. But I knew that. It did, however, obtain its objective (in making me be more sensitive to changes in my body). Highs in particular. I turn into this grumpy, tired, fluid-guzzling individual at numbers above 220. I never payed much attention to that before, just checked, bolused, and went my merry way. Now, I know that I'm probably high. My lows, I usually always feel anyway. (before they get bad) Except when I have them excessively, (4+/ day) I don't catch those as quick.

Thanks, BGAT- for everything. Can I have my payment check now?


Megan said...

Now I feel compelled to stick my knee. Hmm...does this call for the alternative site cap to my lancing device, or the normal one?

Megan said...

I found knee marginally less painful. However, knee was 113, and fingre was 135. Hmm... I imagine how accurate a knee result is depends on how much you have been walking before then.

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Ellen said...

Now that toxic mold symptoms post was hilarious...I thought someone was developing toxic mold on their knees after testing.....HAHAHA...You may want to include the funky alphabet verify feature on your blog.

When do we get to see a picture of your knee?

It's 2:07 - are you getting your MRI on your eye right now?

Ellen said...

Tuesday night 6:40 - checking in - hoping you're well.

Anonymous said...

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