Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I'm Backkkkkkkkkkkkkk

I'll be perfectly honest-4 days of no internet access (whatsoever) just about killed me. And a week of no blogging, thats even worse..
So, much as I wanted to come back with a bang(and put up all kinds of cool pictures), the reality of the situation is, I still don't have internet access. The phone service not yet being in operation.
Friday night- Sunday night we had an Arctic Blast, complete with snow/rain. It was utterly miserable, moving in the stuff! Actually, we waited till the precipitation had slacked off and the only challenge was surviving the wind/mud puddles. My brother/dad moved the furniture- and I, moved much of the rest of my "stuff" in Nugget. I still have a few boxes, and a major cleanup job to do in my ex-room.
I've been dying to say this, and I'm going to. I'm not popular enough to get "tagged", but I'll still tell you 5 random facts about me you'd never guess...
#1 I once missed competing in National Jeopardy by a lousy five points. Jeopardy tryouts are very intense- you (along with about a hundred other Ken Jennings wanna-be's) are packed into this small room about the size of a sardine can. Fifty questions- 8 seconds per question. Never felt so dumb in my life, but if I hadn't been so nervous I'd have done better. People who survive the tryouts, go on the "wait" list for the Nationals.(I'll be back.) I felt slightly better, when someone else told me this was their third year (trying to get in). They did make it. We did, however, get this cool pink "Jeopardy" pen, which I later sold on Ebay, it got broken, and I had to refund the buyer's money...
#2 The first letters of the last names of all of my endos, go backward, starting at "C".
Clarke, Barrett, Anderson...
Next up? Zitney, when my current endo retires.
#3 I hate talking on the telephone-I sound like a cross between a frog croaking and a hyenea on laughing gas. Pity the poor person who gets to listen to a voice recording of THAT.
#4 I've given blood 27 times. Maybe its because there's so much PWD's AREN'T allowed to do, that makes me want to do this. And needles/IV's haven't bothered me in along time. I want to do this, in case my own kidneys hit the dirt in the future and I can't do it anymore. The first year after diagnosis, I couldn't do it, I had too many health challenges (lowering a1c, cataracts) or it'd have been more.
#5 I'd love to go hang gliding. I think it'd be so cool!

While packing/throwing stuff out, I came accross a 1959 copy of Dorland's medical dictionary. Just for fun, I turned to the "D" section.
diabetid- Cutenous manisfistation of diabetes. This might refer to the dark patches type 2's get- although back in 1959, who can tell. Before I was diagnosed with D, my skin was thicker and dryer.
diabetiphobia-Fear of diabetes. Hey, I've got that! haha. Any intelligent person realizes that its a serious disease. However, they might be talking about these hyperchondriacs who are absolutely convinced they've got/get it- despite normal GTT's and all of that. A person can find better diseases to worry about, in my humble opinion. Pick a cool disease, if you want to worry about something!
Had a new experience at the dentist's Monday. They checked my bp- using one of those wrist thingies! It was just a routine cleaning. They found two new cavities( ah, the joy) which are slated to be drilled in Feb. For the first 23 years of my life, I didn't get any- then I got five in one year. I am considering greatly cutting out diet coke/tea, (along with brushing more) I think thats whats doing it.
Living on my own is too cool. My landlady can (and will) talk a person to death, but she's ok.
I worry, though, about severe reactions and nobody being around. This is not a rational fear, the last time I had such a reaction was over 3 years ago- but its a fear nonetheless. Part of my symptom reportoire includes such fear anyway- and when I wake up in the middle of the night and stuff it for several hours, trying to get blood sugar back up, when it finally does go up I can't sleep. Its like the fear sticks around. Think I need a shrink?


Keith said...

Wish I'd known you hadn't been tagged, I did my 5 and didn't know who to pass off to.

Wish I could give blood. I've tried but they won't take me.

type1emt said...

Hi Keith,
Whats your blog again? If its ok with you, I'd like to post a link.

Did you ever take beef insulin? I think thats a stupid policy. (they're too worried about mad cow disease)

Keith said...

I probably took beef insulin... in fact I'm sure I did.

I took a class with a nurse representative of the Red Cross and asked her about the blood donation policy for diabetics and the fact that I've never been able to give. She said the policy had to do more with concern for my general health as a diabetic than with potential problems with my blood.

Feel free to link to my blog. I call it Dead Islets and as you probably know the URL is