Monday, January 02, 2006


Last day of Christmas Vacation- tomarrow, its back to the o'le grindstone.

Rang in the New Year in true diabetes conscious style- dinner date at the Golden Corral, (In which I demonstrated extreme (unusual) maturity, did not eat too much and SKIPPED DESSERT ENTIRELY. My endo would be so proud!) followed by lots of walking around downtown. It was pretty cold, and there were alot of food/hot drink vendors out. We were considering getting coffee, until we passed a stand offering free food/drinks. Still stuffed(food-wise) from dinner, but their hot cinnamon apple tea was the best! Music, fireworks, the "Ball Drop", and a 121 blood sugar completed the evening's festivities. (But no diamond ring-sigh)

Nice and rainy today, which is precisely what its doing on the other side of the country. (Rose Bowl) Finally figured out how to operate my heater/defogger/windshield wipers. (Nugget didn't come with a manuel) I probably should go back to the car place, and get it..(maybe they just forgot to give it to me) I still haven't figured out how to change the clock time.

Tomarrow: Back to work, and the latest shocker that I haven't consulted the medical authorites about. No, this doesn't involve pregnancy, but this being a New Year, I feel the need to do something wild. Stay tuned.

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