Wednesday, January 04, 2006


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Decided to conduct an experiment, to more fully grasp what goes on with the blood sugars after a high fat, high carb, meal. I chose supper- and ate 2 double cheeseburgers, medium fries, 6 packets ketchup, and diet tea. Estimated 140 carbohydrates. Pre-supper number was 144.
20 minutes later- 189.Bolused 5 units.
20 minutes later- 170. Bolused 2 units.
20 minutes later- 115.
20 minutes later- 68! Felt absolutely fine, but drank juice just in case it was still dropping.
10 minutes later- panic mode, eat 15 more carbs. Set temp rate on pump. Heart rate maxes out for the next 45 minutes.
An hour later- Back at 179. Went to bed.
12 AM- Woke up, thirstier then all get out. Drank 3 cups of water, then checked blood sugar. 522! That must have been from the "delayed" fat.
3:30- 320
6 AM- 175. Boy, those 170's are sure popular.
It looks much more dramatic on paper, I have a graph, but I can't find my digital camera so I can't take a picture.

And that, is what Mc Donald's does to one's blood sugar. I must still been sensitive to that afternoon's exercise. (usually, after a high fat, high carb meal I go high, and stay high) I have bolusing for Pizza Hut down to a fine science, but Mc Donalds, obviously not!)

Chapter 4 in BGAT is about exercise. Each week's graph gets more complex- now I'm estimating bg, scanning for "signs", graphing estimated bg, checking if insulin action is H,M, L; checking if carb action is h, m, l; checking if exercise is H,M, L, estimating next blood sugar (that one makes NO sense- how the heck do I know what my bg will be in 3 hours???), and graphing actual bg. It stopped being fun- now, its something I need to get done..
Only 3 more chapters to go!!!!!!


Ellen said...

If you haven't seen the movie "SuperSize Me", rent it from your local store. You'll understand more about that food.

type1emt said...

Lol..I've seen it! Turned me off the stuff for two weeks. However, I rarely eat burgers/fries..
(1-2 times a month)

Keith said...

Heidi, I really have trouble if I go to bed w/anything in digestion mode so I'm not totally surprized by the 522. Glad to hear you got things back under control by morning!

type1emt said...

At least next time I know-either set a high temp rate, or set the alarm clock!
Live and learn.

Ellen said...

Does the BGAT give you a place to indicate on the graph where and how much insulin you took?

type1emt said...


Anonymous said...

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