Friday, January 27, 2006

Eyes, Egotistical Individuals, and Endos

Its been one of those lonnnnnnnnnggg Fridays, that never seem to end. But end it did, FINALLY..
Update on eye- MRI slated for next week. Still painful. It flashed for over an hour this morning. 58- and I didn't feel low. Kinda odd. What would constitute an emergency- loss of vision, light flashes that don't let up? I'm assuming so. Not worsening is good news.
I had supivisor problems(I've had them all week). She sent me off, to the opposite side of the building, to do the dirty work. Seniority means nothing to her- if you're on her black list, you're history. I'm on her black list. Supivisor problems lead to blood sugar problems, and I spent the afternoon in the 400's. Supivisors are not good for diabetes control. (Supervisors SUCK)
I didn't spend all night at Chick-Fil-A. More then 100 people were camped out in the parking lot at 8 pm the night before..mainly poor college students. Not that I'd have minded getting free food, but I wasn't going to turn into an icicle to get it. Plus, it would have been a stretch- getting to work on time the next morning.
The answer to the previous post- David Sutherland, MD, PHD- U. of Minnesota. I'm sure you all knew that.

My endo is an awesome person. Wrote me out a larger Novolog RX, no questions asked. (and with several weeks till the next appointment) It still falls into the beliavable category (with the insurance company), the pharmacist isn't giving me dirty looks quite yet.. I haven't hit the wall yet (with Novolog), on test strips, (several years ago) when I was testing 15 x a day the insurance company did go rather bazooka about that. Had to get all kinds of autherizations, etc.
They sure charge enough for the copays! (and taking it out of my check)

To celebrate the end of the week, I am going to take 20 units of Novolog, drink a liter of Diet Coke, eat a footlong sub, and go to bed. (Not nessisarily in that order)


Ellen said...

TWENTY units?????????

Good luck with the MRI.

type1emt said...

some for the blood sugar...most for the sub! (an approximate 130 carbohydrates!)