Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Got Debt?

Got a car? Check.

Health Insurance? Check.

A Job? Check.

A diploma? 3/4 Check.

A place to hang your hat? Ummmm....

Debt? Yes!

In the wonderful world of retail, its that magical time of year known as "Inventory Time."
Where, for the next month, we stick cute little yellow Post-Inventory stickers on the paperwork orders, use blue striped Post-Inventory tape (every year, its a differant color- last year was yellow) on everything, and take stock of Whats Hot, Whats Not as we plan our processing for 2006. Don't ask me whats hot- I'm just the hired help... I like inventory time, though!

My life-on-the-edge has been temporarily put on hold, I've come down with a cold. As what I plan to do requires absolute healthness, I've post-poned my plans.

Instead, I went apartment hunting.
And found an affordable house, two blocks from work.
I'll probably get it....
And take a hiatus from blogging for awhile. (Till I get settled in)



Kerri. said...

Good luck with the apartment! I'll look forward to your Return From Hiatus.

type1emt said...

Thanks,Kerri. I'm not going quite yet, hopefully start moving next week.

Ellen said...

I have to ask, what's hot? ;-)!

Wishing you a smooth transition into your new home and may you create many wonderful loving memories there.

type1emt said...

Ellen- forgot to answer your question.(sorry)
Hot Stuff- Pink fuzzy Hello Kitty satin pillows, various perfumes, Dearfoam slippers..(etc)