Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Once, there was a young doctor, just starting out. He wasn't rich, he wasn't well known. (yet) The MD behind his name, didn't mean squat. But he worked hard, put the passion into his work. He became a surgeon, he became one of the top gurus in his field. The field was new, the field was controversal. In the beginning, more patients died then lived. But he persisted.
And then, it started to work. Sucess rates shot through the roof. People still got infections, and died- but many more lived. It started to mean something. The medical community sat up, and took note. Could this be the answer, the best treatment for this dreaded disease?
To those who survived "treatment", they said yes. That't they'd do again in a heartbeat. But others weren't so sure. There were not yet as bad off as their fellow patients. The debate raged.
One day, a woman came to the medical center. She wanted the treatment, she wanted to be cured of the disease that had marked the past 25 years of her life. And she got it. Along the way, she also acquired a husband- the surgeon! He'd never married, the life of a surgeon is long and hard. But he fell for this women with the sparkling eyes, sense of humor, and un-nerving will to live. So they got married.
And then, something went wrong. There was waiting, and then it was back to the operating table. Uncertainty. Fear of the unknown. This wasn't any patient- this was his wife. He knew more then anyone, the effects this disease could have, but it took on a whole new meaning as it sook its latest victim. There wasn't anything to do, but pray.
His wife survived, she regained her health. She became an advocate (along with her husband) of the treatment.
The disease is uncertain.
The "cure" is just as uncertain.
But it has helped many people. (including surgeons, to get a clue...)
Guess who it is I'm talking about!

Chick-Fil-A is coming to town. First 100 customers before 6 am (tomarrow morning), get free sandwiches for a year. There are idiots camped out in the 20 degree, 60 mph winds, already!

(I'm ok, Ellen)

Sunday morning, I awoke with left eye pain and flashing lights. Thinking it was a headache, I took some iboprofen. Didn't help. So I took some migraine medication. Head didn't hurt, just my eye. That didn't help either. Called my insurance health line, and suggested the ER. 10 pm, I couldn't sleep. Went to the ER. Resident said I didn't have a retinal detachment, so I should follow up with my opthamologist. Gave pain meds. Drove back home. By then, it was 5 am, so I didn't have long to wait till the new "working" day. I called, opth called back. Went in to office.
No infection, retinal break, or inflammation along optic nerve. Suggested calling the neuro-opth.
4 pm. Called neuro-opth, he calls back(Tues. morning). I go up there. He's not real sure either.
If it continues, suggests an MRI of the orbital area. Ask if this is related to the double vision. (its the same eye) He doubts it. Says if I start getting a ton of flashing lights, that would
signify a detaching retina, but periodically flashing he's not sure..
The pain hasn't changed, nor the lights.
Time for an MRI.


Kerri. said...

Oh please keep me updated on this. My heart is in my throat.

Ellen said...

Ready for an update! How's the eye today?

BTW, did you stand in line at Chick?

Anonymous said...

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