Saturday, January 07, 2006


Boxes, boxes, everywhere. Gettin' ready to move...

And on the positive news front, at work yesterday the Union had a 1.5 hour discussion. The director (of the Mid-Atlantic group) came down from Maryland, it was a big affair. Since March of last year, we've been without a contract, every time management/ local Union tries to discuss it, one, or the other of them gets mad and stomps out of negotiations. I'm not kidding, they act like a bunch of two-year-olds. A month later- they try it again. So, in December they thought they had a pretty good contract ironed out, and took it to the Union to vote upon. (I wasn't there that day) It was overwhelmingly rejected, by about 4/1! Now, however, after 2 days of brutal discussion, they think they have a pretty good one. We'll get back pay (we haven't had a raise since our contract ran out) within two weeks, and, we'll have a new "incentive" program implemented. (without the risk of the company firing us, for not making "production" numbers- it will be strictly personal incentive)
Sounded pretty good to me, so I voted for it. Find out Monday if it passed...
Top Ten Indicators you've been at The Job (my job)too long!
1. You're looking forward to surgery- 6 weeks of being off work..
2. You wake up in a dead sweat, with the supivisor's "Who cut the (insert appropriate 4 letter word here) line off?!?" ringing through your brain.
3. You schedule your vacation time to fall on a Monday or Friday- so they can't make Saturday or Sunday mandatory (to work) for you..
4. You drop out of the Union, because you're on the black list of all the officers on it.
5.You've got it down to a second, how long you can hide in the bathroom before your overbearing supivisor comes looking for you.
6. All the security people know your name (because you've lost your badge too many times to count).
7. "VTO" is the best three letters in the English alphabet.
(volunteer time off- unofficial "layoff")
8. You've worked in all 19 departments. (I've only worked in 15 of them)
9. Your paycheck gets smaller every year.
10. Fire alarms don't alarm you- its probably just a test! (they test about 2-3 times a week, thus no one pays much attention when they do go off!)

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