Thursday, February 02, 2006


This week was quite productive, I did my taxes, hooked up for a phone line, and (will) work a 40 hour week. Monday's MRI results have not come in yet, neuro-opth is going to call me with the results. I should be DSL online in a week...
I've discovered something, when I wake up with a 300+ blood sugar, it means my set has come disconnected. This has happened three times, in the past week. I was thinking it was dawn phenomenon (and when I wake up that high, I take a shot- because I generally feel like ketone puke). That, of course, brings it down. This is a problem, am I sleep disconnecting? (sleep walking, sleep talking, you know the routine) Its always pretty firmly attached when I go to bed. (I use the Silhoettes) I do sleep talk, but I never sleep walked!

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Ellen said...

I hope you'll get those results tomorrow. How are you feeling?