Friday, February 17, 2006

A Not-So-Funny-Thing-happened-on-the-Way-to-the-Forum

Happy Ex-V-day, world.

They released me from "jail" (aka the hospital)
So, I'm back from the Baltimore scorge. Baltimore in 12 inches of snow doesn't look any better then Baltimore with 0. All the snow is melted in VA, it is a balmy 55 degrees.
Diagnosis: small AVM.
Cure: Surgery.
Thursday was the surgery. On Friday, I was of sufficient mind to be a totally nasty person to someone who called me. Long distance, no less.
They said it went well. Saturday, I started puking.48 hours later, I was still doing so, so they did another MRI and things looked fine. Just stress? What on earth would I have to be stressed about..
Tuesday was puke free. Wed morning, on morning rounds, some young resident's overpowering cologne made it start up again. I threw up, fortuantly, not on him. (or maybe thats unfortuante- he's the one that provoked it!)
I always thought one had to be pregnant, before certain odors provoked puking. I am most definatly not pregnant.(this one is a first) It took much of that day, to get the unpleasant odor out of the room. (the cologne, not the throwup!)
So this morning, they released me. The first item of business, dulling my now-raging appetite. 3.5 plates of Chinese, fixed that one pretty well.
Second order of business- go home and sleep like dead.
Neuro-opth "Remember, you're coming back here in two weeks! Now get out of here, before we think up something else to do to you."

The eye muscle problem, remarkably, has remained unaffected off all this. But now the Neuro-Opth really doesn't want to do (other) surgery- till everything is deadbolt stable.
I think thats a pretty good idea, I've had more then enough of surgery for awhile.
Then I got home.
A sweeter sight I haven't seen in a long time.

I've been tagged by Kassie:-)

4 Jobs I've had in my Life:
- teacher/childcare worker, Christian daycare
- Retail Associate (TJMaxx-Marshalls)
- Part time pincushion(diabetes studies, which I've been participating in for 5 years)
- EMT (unloved, unknown, and currently on probation)

4 Movies I can watch over and over:
-Sound of Music
-Flight of the Navigator
-It's a Wonderful Life
-The Frequency

7 places I've lived
1. Jackson, Mississippi
2. 6 respective towns in the state of VA!
Two TV shows I like to watch
NBC news, D-Life
(that's all!)
4 places I've been on vacation
Nagshead, NC

4 of my favorite foods
1. Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza, smothered in extra cheese, olives, bacon, mushrooms, and ANCHOVIES! This has enough sodium in it to make even a normal person keel over dead from a heart attack. But its sooooooooo good....
2. Sardines, rice, and soy sauce. A family tradition, that my dad started in college. The only person who doesn't like this combo is my mom.
3. Cheetos. (along with chocolate, my must-have)
4. yogurt
(I love my sodium, if I ever had to restrict it, just kill me now)

4 Places I'd rather be right now
1. On a cruise
2. At the Winter Olympics (Turin, Italy)
3. In Maryland-with my boyfriend!:-)
4. Australia, where its summer.

4 Websites I visit daily
1. CWD
2. Reality Check
3. Ebay
4. Insulin Pumpers

4 Dreams I have for my Life:
1. Nursing degree
2. Marriage + family
3. Completion of my book
4. Excellent health insurance, that would cover EVERYTHING and not cost a small kings ransom to do so...


Ellen said...

Whoa. Is that what the neuro-opth saw on the MRI and other scans you had? No wonder he didn't tell you over the phone. Glad to hear you're sounding better. How's your head feeling? You've been so missed.

type1emt said...

Feeling much better, thanks! Well, my eye is.(no more lights..) Head isn't feeling as bad, but I hope in a couple of weeks to be back to par.

Connie said...

People need to realize perfume is dangerous! I really can't understand a medical person wearing it in a hospital. One of the first things we learned in nursing school was DON'T WEAR PERFUMES OR SCENTS, extremely dangerous, especially for asthmatics. but lots of people are allergic to scents too, all the women in my family are. they cause major migraines for me.

Anonymous said...

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