Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What Every Women needs..

Who wants to wait on the road crews, anyway? Self sufficiency is a good thing.
We're expecting a whopping inch of snow tonight.

Today, I hashed out my test strip woes with Caremark.
*Newsflash-BCBS will no longer be covering "unlimited" amounts of strips, for a 90 day supply.*
Yes, there is now a "max". 400 units-(aka strips) for 90 days. This works out to a measily 4.44
strips, per day.
I am furious.
However, it did no good to yell at the Caremark people- they are just doing their job. (Although, the choice of shipping materials left much to be desired) I thanked them, and set about planning for the next great battle of the century. BCBS has always covered as many test strips as I need-usually 800-900 per 90 days.(and I pay a royal copay for it) Now, some group of guys in gray suits have decided to play doctor, and dictate the number of strips we're supposed to use!
Call to Endo's...
Pre-autherization Formulary Exception paperwork...
Daily phone calls..
I've been down this path before, but I wasn't expecting it with the strips. 4 years with no problems(in that regard), you figure you're safe from weird and whacky policy changes.
Apparently, not. Wouldn't be surprised if they dictated insulin needs too. (next year)

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Ellen said...

That picture CRACKED ME UP! OMG I'm sending it to all my friends. You are so funny!

As for the test strips, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrowl. What's the appeal process? Surely your policy has one. Usually if the doctor will write a case for why you must have more, you may be able to get the amount you need. Don't just settle for what they tell you is the policy. It's definitely a royal PIA, but you have to fight. Additionally, consider contacting the ADA to find out what other avenues you can try to get the strips you need if the appeal process doesn't work.