Monday, February 27, 2006

Diabetes ER- Style

I love ER, but its not what it used to be. And they've never portrayed individuals with D in a very favoriable light...
"Carter, take the diabetic in 12." (amputee)
Season 3. Carla (Benton's girlfriend) gets gestational diabetes... Benton starts treating her like she (and baby) will keel over dead any moment.
And wouldn't you know it, they make the kid be born with a hearing defect...
Forget what episode, but some type 2 (retired)doctor, who can't afford his meds, and won't take anyone's help who offers. I think they (producers) kill him off later on. (kidney failure?)
Season 9. Sam's (head nurse) kid goes into DKA after eating an ice cream cone. Sam is furious at Dr.Kovac for the rest of the episode, while Kovac protests he had no idea her kid had diabetes..
Season 12. Sam's kid runs away, and doesn't take insulin with him.
(I haven't seen this episode, but I'm sure he survives)
Season 4 is out! (on DVD boxed set)
I think they're taking entirely too long producing them- at this rate, they won't catch up until after they end it!
Anybody else remember more "D" moments, in ER?


Caro said...

"Cos doctor Benton says it's bett-er" In season 5 Benton goes on some rural job and comes across this girl who isn't taking care of her diabetes properly. He does a deal with her that if she starts testing, he can arrange for her to see someone about going on a pump. When some other doc asks her why she wants a pump... well see above!

The slow release of the DVDs is a pain, because the earlier eps were so much better than the current stuff. Season 6 is apparently scheduled for UK release in the spring - yeay!

Megan said...

The kid with daibetes, Alex, goes three days without insulin and it found with a blood sugar of 270 or something three days later. I skip insulin at one meal and go up that high.

Anonymous said...

In the very first season there was a young red headed girl who comes in dka bc she has been eating cake at school. Peter Benton looks after her, and gives her a good talking to

Anonymous said...

And the retired doc was mistaken for being in dka by carter, but the guy himself informs carter that t2’s don’t experience dka