Sunday, February 19, 2006


Motto: We care about your money...

First of the year, our company switched to them. They sent me a 45 days supply of test strips, billed me for 90, and shipped them parcel post( light weight envelope). I'm lucky they didn't get crushed or frozen or worse. (They came yesterday- also fortuanate!) Express Scrips (former supplier) was NOT like that. (they always did it overnight + never made a stink about the number of strips!)
If they're going to just ship me 1/2 of what the rx was for, I want half of the copay back. I'm calling tomarrow to get it sorted out. Shouldn't be billed for a regular 90 days supply.. I think they did it this way, because they didn't want to send out vast quantities of strips.(8 boxes is not alot- but compared to many other D's, who test 2-3x a day, 8 times might seem rather excessive)

Need an idea for the next Valentine's Day?

Here's a cheapie.

(I didn't get these- I just thought it was kinda cute...) Duct-Tape Roses! Show it to your husband/boyfriend- they'll never have an excuse for NOT getting you flowers, ever again.

The next great invention- Teenage Deterrant!The possiblities on this are ENDLESS. I never knew that scientific fact, I was under the impression teenagers had less hearing. (due to ipod abuse, rock concerts, etc.)
CWD should get one-keep the teen dances under control.

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