Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wave of the Future

I got that feeling again.

"Take a look at your Dexcom...in five years,it will be an obsolete piece of junk,gathering dust in the closet with the rest of your diabetes antiquities."

Errrr,seriously? This is one of the greatest technological breakthroughs,ever,(cgms in general)& just like that,the 7 (&7+)will be downgraded to nothingness?

The future beckons...& it's name is the Animas Symphony.Not at the FDA yet,& who knows when it will be,but it will be oh-so-cool when it is(& gets approved). Hopefully be around the time my warranty on this pump is up. I love the name,it's surely music to my ears to have an all-in-one device!

Having diabetes sucks,but the improvements are coming,fast and furious,& I have hope that I(& many other PWD ) will live long enough to benefit from them. Medtronic is steamrolling ahead with their artificial pancreas studies, JDRF-Animas is doing their thing...& rumor has it,that yes,Steve Jobs is in cahoots w/Dexcom integration into a phone(the iHelp,which may or may not be true,but would be totally rad if it were true)

and it's all a tad overwhelming,like standing on the edge of Niagara Falls,so much technology & potential to manage/cure diabetes. No one knows much yet about harnessing that awesome power,to the greatest good.

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Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

What is this Symphony you speak of? I hope the current DexCom is outdating in 5 years. It's great, but there it could be so much better. :)

HVS said...

The Symphony will be the next Animas pump,& will integrate the Dexcom(so there will be just one device-cgm readout on the pump,like Medtronic has got).Nothing of an artificial pancreas nature,but still very convenient.(for everyone tired of carting around two devices everywhere) I think Dexcom is working on Omnipod integration too,but I haven't heard anything (lately) concerning that.

Kathy said...

This is great news on the technology front, but don't give up on the biology side of the cure. The news is good there too. Dr. Shapiro of the Edmonton Protocol just joined with Sernova who is developing the Islet Sheet. Pig islets are just around the corner. You are young enough that you will see the benefits of this research.
Best wishes to you to stay healthy.