Thursday, September 09, 2010

Between Numbers

7.9 is a beautiful number.Not any better then 3 months ago..but not any worse,either. And the mental anguish of a 40 minute waiting room-doctor wait melted away the second my endo walked into the room & told me my a1c.In the time I waited for her,I snapped pics.

(waiting room)

(supply closet,just outside the door)

(weapon of death,used on all non-compliant patients)

We talked about many endo is very through,if nothing else. About my up-and-coming clinical trial(my endo used to be an endocrine fellow down there,& thus knows everyone)and about my sudden,drastic bolus changes(going from 1/10 to 1/20 amid other one's just because I felt like it was a tad shocking to her,to say the least) In my defense,when I did go back to the replacement pump,I didn't have any records of basals/bolus ratios & the CDE was on vacation & I didn't feel like playing phone tag with the endo so that's what those were.And most of them do work-my a1c did not suck,because of the changes I made.She really didn't believe me though.(Apparently I brought in the wrong set of bgs,I should have shown her the 250-400's of the several weeks prior.Sigh. Lab form..took a look at feet/eyes/thump chest/review meds.I do not need any refills of anything,because (most) of my d-supplies will be provided free,should I get into the clinical trial.I kind of think that although no changes were made,it was still a worthwhile appt..I did get some questions answered & was reassured that my a1c wasn't worse.Yes,there was guilt,but it wasn't an overwhelming,run from the exam room naked & screaming(crazy) sort of guilt.I am relieved that it's over,though.

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Holding steady is not getting worse! That's good, right?

I know for me, sometimes holding steady is all I can hope for.

Bernard Farrell said...

You may want to add those photos to the Waiting With Diabetes flickr pool.

Remember it's just a number, keeping it steady is a good thing. Let us know how the clinical trial goes.