Wednesday, September 08, 2010

September when it Comes

There's a sort of doomed finality that dodges the days leading up to an endo appointment,when you JUST KNOW the a1c will suck bucketloads & short of having a full-body blood transfusion there's really not so much you can do about it. Some look forward to getting it done,some dread it with all the aplomb of having a root canal done.

I fall in the later category.I wish I could take back the 300's,the bad sets,the postmeal ughs..

but I can't. I may be having a currently fantastic bg run,but the average of 120 and 300 is still not a number you want on your meter.(or in your a1c) So,I will just hope for something less then it was last time. My appointments usually fall in's the time of year that breathes change(and approaching antiquity). I have no idea what my a1c will be,thus time around.One day is only 1/90 of an a1c,but 3 weeks is almost 25% of it,& I'm not holding out much hope.

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meanderings said...

Me too! Endo appt. next week and this week has not been a good one so far. Oh well.

asskeeper said...

I have an endo appointment soon too. I need to send you the dongle for the pump. Please e-mail me a threat.