Sunday, September 05, 2010


I'm happy to report,that after 1.5 years of full grade legal almost 2 year old niece is legally in my brother's family now. They adopted her at day 3,& she's been a part of the family ever since.But at day 31,the father-of-the-child decided he wanted to keep the kid,no matter what his ex-girlfriend actually (didn't want) wanted,So,despite the fact that it was past the point where they could change their mind,they changed it(& when one has waited 12 months plus to adopt a child,& had the kid for a whole month that is like the worst thing that can happen) It went to court,& my brother had to spend the big bucks on a lawyer(while the other family got theirs free)..and continued going up the court system...but the other side has finally folded and today,I feel like there actually still may be justice in America.My niece is cute,& adorable,& deserves to be in a family that can provide for her.(& beyond that,if they were going to change their minds,don't do it on the 31st've had 10 months to come to a decision about this)
I'm happy for them,the opposite scenario would have been a tragedy.

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asskeeper said...

I am happy for your brother and your family!!! Just stinks they had to go through hell!!!1

k2 said...

Heidi -

I'm so happy for all of you all!!
Kelly K