Friday, September 24, 2010

The Not-So-Funny Bone

(Orthopedic waiting room)

Today, I went to the orthopedic doc, my wrist/hand has been bothering me for several months. Wrist brace/anti-inflammatory meds have not done a whole lot of good. At first, I thought I'd broken it,because it all begun with an injury. My PCP said nope, it was likely a nerve problem & referred me over to the orthopedic practice.

Because it was a satellite office, there was only one doc there that day...and the patients stacked up like cord wood. It took an hour to finally get around to me. Didn't really mind, that happens sometimes,fortunately I didn't have any other pressing obligations the rest of the day.

Doc O came in, asked a few clarifying questions,and proceeded to poke around on my arm & delivered his opinion, which was it looks like a nerve entrapment at the elbow, possibly the wrist as well. The fingers/thumb on the left hand are significantly weaker then those on the right.(fortunately,I am right handed) All of which is common, in individuals with diabetes.(yay,yay,yay) He asked about my control,and said it didn't really matter if my control was stellar...accumulated sugar has a way of causing problems, regardless. Next step is EMG/nerve conduction studies,& I should add an elbow brace to the wrist brace.

(this is the area of pain/numbness)

If it is compressed,it will mean surgery.(I don't really know how it could not be compressed,given the symptoms)There are multiple scenarios that could be occurring-and maybe it is diabetes,just screwing up the entire deal. I really would like it be something fixable,as opposed to "just live with it." Yes, I have diabetes,but I also do alot of typing, etc.,and the whole thing did begin with an injury. I would appreciate docs NOT slapping diabetes as the cause, right off the bat.


Bob Pedersen said...

Whatever the cause or type, I hope they find a way to help you in the least-invasive way.

Mike said...

Well I could strike while the Iron is hot.

I have just had surgery on my elbow due to an entrapment having been confirmed by various tests so to rule out diabetes etc..

The actual surgery was a success but due to the trauma under the skin it will be a while before nerves start to settle down.

Hope you are ok. The surgery is simple and I went 1st thing in the morning and was home by 2pm.

Any questions feel free to ask away.

Good luck. Mike