Thursday, September 02, 2010

Of Ipads & Artificial Pancreases

I haven't figured certain fundamentals of iPad useage-like if I "need" Mobile Me or how the Sam's hill I plug in speakers/headphones & why are iPhone games/FB are not showing full size. But beyond that,I love it..Internet navigating is a breeze,the screen is 6x larger,and blogging should be MUCH easier.(no more excuses) Next week, I travel down to Virginia for another phase of the Artificial Pancreas Project(something that,within the past year,has just come out of the closet...they were not calling it that back in 2007). I'm excited,but it's not going to be a scenario where the computer does all the work,it will be all me.
Still,it's interesting..and a step in the right direction.From my perspective,as the Career Guinea still seems to have much work remaining,FDA doesn't even trust it "live" yet. And various pumps/cgms get out of the market(Cozmo-maybe the Navigator?) & all that has to be accounted for..but Animas/Dexcom are hopefully in it for the long haul. CGM's continue to improve,new insulins come to market...and this project is one that could take a very long time,don't look for a cure.(or even close to it,within the next ten years) Still,my 24 hours with The Project were largely ones of very,very flatline blood sugars...whatever it was doing,it worked.Real life is nothing like that, & once it is perfected in the hospital setting it must be tested out in the real world. I don't know what that would entail..perhaps trial periods where you'd return & they'd download everything. The first priority, according to them,is minimizing extreme lows...& putting safety steps in place,to prevent pump overdose. Only they know what they're doing(& how to do it), as a patient,I can only see the timeline of what they have done.(& speculate on the future)

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Scott K. Johnson said...

I don't have Mobile Me, so I don't really know much about the features is offers. The apps that show up smaller are iPhone apps. Though compatible with the iPad, they run smaller. You can do the little "2x" button to expand them bigger, but the graphics can start to look pixely. There are some apps that are "universal", meaning if you run them on an iPad, they know, and run the big version. If on the iPhone they run the smaller. There are also iPad only apps, that won't run on the iPhone.

Wow - my iPad part of the comment is super long! LOL!

And on the diabetes front - I think it is neat to be involved in studies of whatever sort. You're helping with the next steps!