Monday, September 13, 2010

Treasures of the Belmont

My last major task on Saturday,before heading home (from Virginia) was to hit up the big annual yard sale. This involved getting up @6:15,so I could follow my brother(& family) out there. Extreme early mornings never bode well for my blood sugars,the Dexcom went to town from 140 to over 300. I knew it would come down though,as I was doing alot of walking. Sure enough,it came down to 189 by the time I was ready for brunch.

I have a thing for Pillsbury Doughboy..and on the last stop of the day,hit the motherlode. I think I squealed like a kid in a candy shop,since I really don't have enough PD memorabilia.So I kind of went a bit crazy,with what money I had remaining,and for $6,I was happy with what I got.(below,plus large Doughboy in above photo) And it was all in excellent condition.

I also got other stuff..

(candy cane pin)

And snapped this pic,of an R2D2 Pepsi cooler. I couldn't have fit it in my car,but thought it was cool,nonetheless.When I whipped out my iPhone to take a picture of it,a glazed look passed over the face of the individual next to me,who had likely never seen anything like that in all of his 65+ years.He probably got that it was a camera of sorts,just not something seen in RuralVille,USA.

(and this was too cute & too cheap to pass up...given that I live near water & love the ocean!)

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