Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009: Year of the (No) Cure

Taking a look back through the months...

January: Back to the Past

February: Of iphones and iApprovals

March: Change.

April: Goodbye, ER.

May: Gym Rat.

June: The Placebo Effect.

July: Marcus and the Post-Tonsillectomy Hamburger

August: Across the Atlantic Soup(part 1)

September: Crossing the Line

October: Between a Rash and a Hard Place

November: Notes from a Spinning Planet: Tweetup!

December: Gift

It's been quite a which definatly changed me.(I now have to un-addict myself from reading Twitter feeds 24/7, that's one of the bad habits I've picked up)
On the diabetes a1c has dropped 1.4 from last year at this time(thanks, Dexcom!), on the cultural front, I have been to another country for the first time ever & that was awesome. I think I am not so blase' with higher blood sugars..because I've learned that tight(er) control is important. I'm not there yet,
the seizure I had a couple weeks ago reminded me of that all too well. It seems I can't be one of those PWD to just wake up & treat the bg, that irritates me to no end. There is such a thing as Killer Control.(it'll kill you one way or the other)
I'm tonsil-less, and strep hasn't plagued me once.(since then) I participated in a rather novel research study,one that will hopefully help someone, somewhere. And I hope that 2010..will bring us closer to a cure. I'm not sure if they've made any real progress at all(on that front),it sure doesn't seem like it. Just better tools for diabetes management.(don't get me wrong, that's good,but I'd much rather have a cure)


Minnesota Nice said...

Happy New Year, Heidi

type1emt said...

same to you, Kathy! :)