Saturday, February 28, 2009

Of iPhones and iApprovals

Final day of the month...and I feel the need to write something, however unprofound that something might be. Finally got to go on the grandest of sprees Wednesday, ending up with this:

Of course, they don't sell Iphones at Office Depot but they do sell $200 Amex gcs...and Itunes gcs. OD reward certificates can be used to purchase any type of gift card. Best Buy was running a deal(of sorts-$50 off for Reward Zone members) and the prepaid mastercards can be used for anything.(actual purchase plus bills)Signing another 2 year commitment(just did one for the gym..ugh) was not a particular joyous occasion, but I have wanted an iphone forever...and my current cellphone contract will soon expire. I am rather attached to my old number, I've had it ever since I've had a cellphone and giving it up is going to be a very painful grieving process. But having 2 running contracts makes no sense whatsoever.(even if the iphone and the first two bills are free!) And I've got another cellphone that's prepaid(it was a gift) so I'm like rolling in cellphones right now!

I'm not sorry I did it...the iphone rocks, on so many levels. Not having to find a wifi hotspot, being able to use any application at any time is just great. I love my iphone!

D-wise, its been low after low after low. Got my approval letter from my insurance(sensors) and the sensors were mailed out Thurs. of this week. Haven't gotten them yet...hopefully will be here Monday. I'm of the opinion that taking in more fast-acting carbs and getting the bg down later(if you overshoot the mark) is better then eating/drinking 15 carbs...eating another 15 carbs..eating yet another 15 carbs...I could spend my entire life waiting for my bg to come up, with that method. Since I'm having so many I just go for the big guns(40-60 carbs) right away,and it works well. Until the next low. I need to majorly overhaul everything (basals and boluses),day and night they're causing lows. It's not really because of the exercise...because I only work out about 3 hours a week. Hopefully bgs will go back to normal soon.

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Yay! iPhones are teh shiznit. If you want tons of tips and how to's, check with Cherise at diabeticizme. She's the iPhone MASTER!

Sorry to hear about the lows. That's no fun!