Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Valentine's Weekend Dozen

(gift from my very sweet husband)

#2 A workout at the Love Triangle. I call it that, because it has my doctor's office, the gym, and CVS in the same general area so whatever you need, you're covered! (injured, hop on over to docs and pick up RX at CVS). Only I always end up going across the street to McDonalds and stuffing my face because workouts make me incredibly hungry and there's just no way I'm going to pay $5.99 for a "Rejuvenating Fruit Smoothie."

#2 An hour long wait to The Pasta Place because the place didn't take reservations. Sigh. It was good though, awesome Italian carby goodness that was well worth the insulin. No candlelight, but it was dim enough in there to qualify as being in the Twilight Zone anyway.

#3 A Visit to the William Paca House.(signer of the Declaration of Independance) We've visited Montpelier-Monticello-Mt.Vernon but this was quite different from them, this was primarily a show house and living in the city of Annopolis they didn't have to be so self-sufficient as the Virginia hicks did.

#4 Going to meet Cara at a chain restaurant called Eggspectations. She was up here visiting a friend, and her friend and friend's (8 month old? correct me if I'm wrong) kiddo were along. Her godson was having a "Mohawk Hair Day" + was an absolute knock-out, cute as could be. Should work in his favor when he does get to be a teenager! She treated us all to lunch.(that's REAL Tennessean hospitality!) We talked D-stuff, non D-stuff, and walked around in the Artic Blast, visited another shop and then they went home. She's pretty cool.(and we have the same type of camera!)

(and I just noticed the creepy guy staring out the window...weird)

#5 Getting a $25 gc/purchase of a new RX coupon from CVS...because they're incredibly rare and its great timing, the beginning of the year always brings horrendous copays and every little bit helps.

#6 Semi-annual cleaning of the diamond ring...and having the Zales salesperson semi-cuss-me-out. " X-Y-Z, this is so dirty! How did it get that way?" Ok, its dirty, that's why I'm here, to have it cleaned. Neither her language nor her tone was appropriate to lambast a customer with. My husband didn't pay good money to have me treated that way. I was slightly peeved, I don't think I've ever been cussed out by a salesperson before.(not even when I should have been!)

#7 Playing games at Dave & Busters.. its such a fun place and I could totally spend the rest of my life in there.

#8 Studying for microbiology test #1(lecture). Ack, ack, ack.(now behind me)

#9 Wondering if this will be the week that A. my sensor coverage comes through and B. my Office Depot gift card arrives and I'll be able to get my longed-for Iphone.

#10 Reading poems of yesteryear + thinking, wow, was I ever so young and clueless back then,I thought the pump would solve everything.

#11 Semi-Annual Stuffing at the Golden Corral. Every time I go there, I gain five pounds.(hence it is good that we only go 2x a year)

#12 Downloading my Valentine's Day Ipod Playlist:
1. How do I love her-Steven Curtis Chapman
2. I'm yours
3. Sincerely Yours- Petra
4. Head over Heels- 4HIM
5. LOVE-Nat King Cole (?)
6. When You're Loved- Debbie Boone
7. All you need is Love- The Beatles
8. I Walk the Line- Johnny Cash
9. Because of You-Reba McIntire
10. Cleaning this Gun-Rodney Atkins
11. Testify to Love- Avalon
12. I'm not gonna write you a love song- Sara Bareilles


Cara said...

Creepy guy!!!! I left my camera at work, so I can't look to see if he's in my pic too!
I had a blast meeting you. Maybe we can make better plans next time (or at least it will be warmer!!).
By the way, I LOVE your playlist. :)

Scott K. Johnson said...

So awesome that you two were able to get together! And yeah, that dude is creepy!