Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Happy Microbiologist

I have white coat syndrome.

Yeah, there's the normal kind...where you're sitting in the docs office, heartrate/blood pressure skyrocketing and your bg getting the maximum glycogen-glucose conversion possible.(this will occur on Friday, when I'm waiting for the results of my fingerstick a1c + a subsequent endo appt.)

But I also have another kind of white coat syndrome, the type where you feel like hot stuff(perhaps I should call it the MD syndrome). Microbiology is FUN,(quick, how many carbohydrates in an Agar dish?) and wearing a white coat propels one off on a quite intoxicating power trip. No wonder many docs act like complete dictator jerks.

There's also another pumper at my lab table so if either one of us starts eating Agar it will be clear to the other one what's going on.
I think I'll be taking a picture and putting it on my Twitter profile because wow, I look good in a white coat. Really, really good.

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Yes! Take the picture! Share the picture!